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I’m finally updating my site and blog. Hopefully it will be a better experience for you as well as for me! All I ask is for a bit of patience as I figure things out (as I am migrating 15 years of content and trying a few designs out during the month of August. My goal is to have the site up and running with both a new design a loads of reorganized and new content by Sept 1st, but as I am building it myself, this may even take more time. Im sure it will look fine for most visitors, but expect glitches and errors for a bit until I sort things out. 15 years of content needed to be re-edited, pictures resized (not all, just some) and search words entered. Hopefully it will all go smoothly and we’ll all end up with a much better site that is searchable and be more useful.

Until then, be safe, stay safe and have a super summer!

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  1. Hi I came here from Margaret Roach’s website, so it’s my first time. I love what I am seeing right now: clean spare look, superb photography, white background (which showcases the photographs and content), lack of advertising. I have bookmarked your site and will certainly come back to it.

    1. Welcome Julide! Thanks for the nice comments. Do know that this site has just been re-designed (by me) two weeks ago as I just moved my 16 year old blog from Google Blogger to WordPress, so I am still experiencing a big learning curve! That said, I appreciate your comments about the clean design – with 30 years under my belt as a creative director and graphic designer (at Hasbro) I take great pride in both design and typography. As an artist, while I would never call myself a photographer, It seems that being raised by artists and my creative design experience affected my photo skills, so thank you. I really don’t fuss with my photography much, (a bit more with my books) but I do ruthlessly edit my photos taking hundreds often to just choose the perfect one, so some work does go into it. Also, thank you for ordering my book!

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